Indonesia's Next Top Talent

Gadis Sampul or Gadsam?! I never follow until my beloved Boss, @raden_cherry introduced me to one of finalist, Andania Suri (follow her on twitter, @andsur). I met a lot of people and did recruitment for The World Largest Youth Organization, It makes me easy to recognize people talent. My first impression of her,  she has a huge of talent. I believe Suri will be White Diamond on entertainment industry, my feeling said that.

I never crazy about thirteen years old girl until i met her. We had chat before she got quarantine. I predicted she will sweep as 1st Winner and Favorite Reader Choice. And dream come true, she won as 1st Winner and Favorite Reader Choice. I am so happy to hear that.

Congrats Girl! The New Journey begins

“The hardest part has been maintaining a small head -- remaining down to earth. So many people try to make you more than you are. This business has changed a lot of good people and a lot of good families, and I don't want that to happen to me.” Anonym


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