Jenny by Leighton Meester feat. Check in the Dark

Get Up, get up, don't tell me no!
I need a friend tonight
I'm hard up for loving, don't take away my pride

Guess I've been in love
Was it real love?
Why'd I have to run away
Guess I've been in love
Must have been in love and all you wanted me to say is...

Oh I can't begin
Take me, take me for what I am
You made me feel alright
You give me all your lovin' but then I run and hide

Why'd I have to run away
What you do to me, what you do to me
Why'd I throw our love away
What you do to me, what you do to me

She released Somebody to Love feat Robyn Thicke as her first single, then Your Love is Drug and Front Cut. All of them are dance-pop recording.

I read my timeline on my twitter this morning, i found leighton meester retweeted a lot from her followers. what's goin on? she's going to perform her song. well, i found her newest song, Jenny. It's so different from previous song, rock chick genre. Beautiful song and Leighton's good on live.

Blair, ups! Leighton can do everything like acting, posing, singing and what else. love her.


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