Lombok Vacation

After three hours delayed, i flew to Mataram, Lombok from Surabaya. My flight schedule was 12.05 WIB delayed to 14.55 WIB. I was so worried because my friends, Tatha and Widhi already arrived in Mataram. Our arrival plan is ruined by flight delay. I felt so happy after i arrived in Mataram. The Good news was they picked me up in airport with Mas Ari. Mas Ari is widhi's colleague who drove us to Bangsal Harbour. We rent a boat from Bangsal to Gili Meno, where we stayed for two days. It's almost sunset when we sailed to Gili Meno.

Finally, we arrived in Gili Meno around 18.00 WITA. Cidomo or cart took us to reach Sunset Gecko. It took 15 minutes from port to Sunset Gecko. Jaw drooping after we touched down in Sunset Gecko. We stunned by Sunset Gecko's beauty. The Bungalow, beach front view, and bangsals. Thristy? Don't worry! Sunset Gecko's staff asked us to choose our welcoming drink. I am in Heaven! We stayed in A Frame bungalow and single room.

Sunset Gecko's beach front bungalow

Day 2, Sunset Gecko's offered good breakfast but we need to wait until 08.00 WITA because they usually open in 08.00 in the morning. We chose pancake for breakfast. Don't ask price! Very reasonable. :)

Our breakfast

After we finished breakfast, we rent a boat and snorkling equipments then explored best snorkling spot in Gili Meno.

I was stunned by beautiful corals and fishes on Gili Meno. I stopped and enjoyed for a minutes in every beautiful spot. We found a turtle. YAY! After three hours above the sea, we finished snorkling, then we cleaned up and take a rest a while. Stomach don't lie, we decided to have super late lunch in Warung Ya Ya near Gili Meno port. We walked from Sunset Gecko to Warung Yaya around 30 minutes. We passed a village, and a field with cows. Adventurous!

YAY!!!! we found warung YA YA, 3 meters from Gili Meno port. Let's EAT!!!! we ordered Ikan Ande ande, Cap Cay and juices.

She loves papaya juice. ;)

Ikan Ande-Ande

Ikan Ande ande was delicious, we ate like a piggy. hahaha. Finished our super late lunch then we went back to Sunset Gecko, we took different route and we found a salt lake.

A salt lake in Gili Meno

Back in Sunset Gecko, we spent our evening together by sitting in front the beach. Stars were so bright in Gili meno's sky on our last night in Gili Meno.


Our farewell with Sunset Gecko's staff : Pak Kasir and Bajang-bajang (we called Mas mas in Java) :D

Day 3, we're ready to leave Gili Meno to Mataram. We took a public boat at 08.00 am and spent only 10.000 rupiahs each person.

Wohooo! one of our friend, Amel joined our trip in Lombok. We headed to Bukit Malimbu, Hand Weaving Songket Tenun (Khas Lombok), Kuta Lombok beach, and Tanjung Aan.

Bukit Malimbu

You can see beautiful sunset on Bukit Malimbu. We just stopped by and took some picture in Bukit Malimbu.

Hand Weaving Songket Tenun (Khas Lombok)

Songket Tenun Khas Lombok

After we visited Hand Weaving Songket Tenun (Khas Lombok), we continued our trip to Kuta Lombok and having our lunch in Anda Bungalow and Restaurant. Good Food!

Spicy-licious food

Heaven on earth. Kuta Lombok beach.

(left to right): Me, Tatha, Amel, and Widhi

There was a kid play a kite or Layang-layang and we had a change to try it. Man, it's not easy. hahaha. We spent our afternoon in Kuta Lombok, now they called it Mandalika beach then hit Tanjung Ann, one of beautiful private beach in Lombok.

Tanjung Aan. SUPERB!


Do you wanna some?

Sundown in Lombok, we continued our trip to Mataram. Time to clean up then dinner. We stayed in Hotel Astiti 1 Mataram. Competitive price. Btw, we rent a car for day 3. Luckily, we had a good driver as companion, his name is Adi. He has a good knowledge history about Lombok and he also knew happening place in Lombok. Awesome!

Dinner at Seafood Ikan Bakar 99, Mataram. DELICIOSO!

Full of seafood! we decided to mingle with tourist and local people while enjoying a live acoustic in Happy Cafe, Senggigi. Great place and ambiance! We ended our night by clubbing in Marina. Dope! What a good night! Too bad we didn't take a picture there.

Day 4, Our last day in Mataram. Breakfast in Rumah Makan Dea Kumis Mataram. Bubur ayam and soto ayam was good. We continued to shop pearl in Rizky Pearls and buy some food in some place, i forgot the name. :p

We visited one of Chinese cemetery in Mataram. It was one detour choice on The Amazing Race Asia Season 4. Thank God, It's a daylight. hahaha

 Chinese cemetery

 Selaparang Airport

Time to leave Mataram. Me and Amel went back to Surabaya. Tatha and Widhi went back to Jakarta. Again, my flight delayed from 13.05 to 17.05. Oh GOD! No need to worry, me and amel decided to have a body massage while we're waiting. GOOD body massage. hahaha

Rata Tengah

The Best yet vacation in 2011. :)

Thanks to Sunset Gecko, Lombok Travel Online, Hotel Astiti 1, Mas Ary, and Mas Adi.


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