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Amazing Belitong

Friday, 4th November 2011

Rushing to airport on 4AM in the morning for our flight from Jakarta to Tanjung Pandan, Belitong via Sriwijaya Air. I prefer stay in my bed than head to airport but it's vacation, i'd do it everything. I met Asrie and Ruhum (we met in youth organization - AIESEC) and Shelda a.k.a Eda (she's Asrie bestfriend). I never thought that airport would be pack on 5AM, it's not holiday season though. People checkin' here and there. Finaly, we checked-in and ready to board to Tanjung Pandan. I always love the feelings when our plane take off, feels so happy because we're leaving for vacation, and it's beach gateway. Fyi, this was my second time to Belitong.

We landed in Tanjung Pandan, Belitong and it started rain, oh Lord. Rain is the biggest fear for beach traveller. I wish sun would welcome us on The Rainbow Troops Island.

We went to outside airport and someone called Asrie, it's Pak Ito - our tour guide. Asrie and Pak Ito never met before…

Generasi Synergy

I watched a good collaboration on Dasyat on Friday but i missed tittle and singer name, i enjoyed their song tho'. I google-ed generasi synergy as key word because they mentioned and repeated it whole song, i found it, Barry Likumahuwa Project feat Pandji, the name of singer. I love Barry's work, bring jazz to your ears. Generasi Synergy has a good message about Indonesian youth to collaborate and make synergy for better Indonesia. LOVE IT!