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Friday, 4th November 2011

Rushing to airport on 4AM in the morning for our flight from Jakarta to Tanjung Pandan, Belitong via Sriwijaya Air. I prefer stay in my bed than head to airport but it's vacation, i'd do it everything.
I met Asrie and Ruhum (we met in youth organization - AIESEC) and Shelda a.k.a Eda (she's Asrie bestfriend). I never thought that airport would be pack on 5AM, it's not holiday season though. People checkin' here and there. Finaly, we checked-in and ready to board to Tanjung Pandan.
I always love the feelings when our plane take off, feels so happy because we're leaving for vacation, and it's beach gateway. Fyi, this was my second time to Belitong.

We landed in Tanjung Pandan, Belitong and it started rain, oh Lord. Rain is the biggest fear for beach traveller. I wish sun would welcome us on The Rainbow Troops Island.

We went to outside airport and someone called Asrie, it's Pak Ito - our tour guide. Asrie and Pak Ito never met before but Pak Ito could recognise Asrie easily, magic.

Pak Ito brought us to Mie Belitong for breakfast - it's a noodle from belitong, it tastes delicious, so yummy. He ordered us lime ice, it's special drink in Mie Belitung, it tastes sweet and fresh.

After finished our breakfast, we headed to Manggar, East Belitong. It took one and half hour driving from Tanjung Pandan. I sat in front with Pak Udin - our driver. 

I saw tin mining and oil plam plantations during the trip, unfortunately oil plam plantations belongs to foreigner. Belitong has a lot of potential resource but our government haven't capitalized it yet. Thats too bad.

Finally we arrived to our first destination Kuil Dewi Kwan Im, beautiful temple. There's a women try to see my love life, and she said good thing about me, or i freak out when it turns bad.

We continued to Burung Mandi Beach, we enjoyed only few minutes before it started rain, but it's beautiful beach. you can see it from shelda's picture, awesome right?

Next stop was Seribu Satu Warung Kopi, we ordered local coffe but i ordered hot chocolate milk, i am not coffee fan. I saw shelda enjoyed her black coffee. Ruhum and i went to mosque for friday prayer, it's vacation but we never forget our duties. :)

Lunch time!!! I knew my stomach can't suffer from hunger, let's eat seafood! i am not fan of seafood honestly but i started like it since i traveled to Karimun jawa. We forget to capture our food because we ate like crazy. Btw, Wisnu joined us to discover Belitong started from lunch. He's an AISECer too. I can't stop eating rajungan and grill fish, oh it's delicioso! 

We continued our trip to SD Muhammadiyah Gantong, it's was memorabilia Laskar Pelangi's school, i  didn't visit here on my first trip. 

We headed back to Tanjung Tinggi to catch sunset. Speaking of Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Tinggi was one of location Laskar Pelangi, it has beautiful beach and huge rocks. Unfortunately, we couldn't see sunset because clouds covered Belitong sky.

This was our bungalow on Bukit Berahu. Beautiful beach front, and feels like home.

Saturday, 5th November 2011

Lengkuas Island time!!! our friend, Rita just landed and joined us for second day. Hello rita! We rode a boat to Lengkuas Island aproximately 35 minutes, it was sunny day. You will find a huge rock in a middle of the sea on your left and right, awesome. Pak Taufik drove our boat to Lengkuas Island.

I always love white sand, lighthouse and torquise sea on Lengkuas Island. I am so excited to reach top of lighthouse, there's a wonderful view from the top.

We have to put off our sandal and wash our feet before we enter lighthouse, a little bit different from my first time, i guess new regulation.

Pak Ito took us snorkling around Lengkuas Island, you never know what is inside the sea before you take a look by yourself, it was beautiful corral and fish. You could find a nemo or star fish if you are lucky.

Our lunch was mini barbeque by Pak Ito. It was delicious, ENAK BANGET!

Sunday, 6th November 2011

I feel sun burn on my back, uh it's hurt. i think my skin got tann after island tour for a day. Our last day on Belitong, and hari ini bertepatan dengan Idul Adha.Time to celebrate with local people. I always love mingle with them. After finish our prayer, time to check out. 

Before we leave Belitong, we went to Tanjung Tinggi again since Rita missed it on first day. I found pure shores, feels like in Paradise. I recorded a beautiful view for you guys on my phone.

Pak Ito treated us for morning coffee in the best coffee shop in Tanjung Pandan. We also visited Belitong Museum and Zoo, we only paid 2000 rupiahs for whole tour in museum. Thats so cheap. There's mining memorabilia, traditional weapon, dress, and animal off course.

It was amazing gateway, my satisfaction scale was nine out of ten. I recommend you guys to visit to Belitong. If you haven't had a chance, you could enjoy Belitong from Laskar Pelangi movie. I watched yesterday for my first time. ;)

Laskar Pelangi trailer:

Thanks to Pak Ito, Pak Taufik, Pak Udin for wonderful trip and Asrie, Eda for wonderful picture. 

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."


  1. alami sekali ya :) btw foto2mu bagus2 :)

  2. thank you, foto-foto gue ambil dari koleksi foto asri sama eda yang bareng ke sana juga.


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