Bath of Kings to Royal Palace in heart of Jogja

If Ke$ha wake up feels like P. Diddy, I woke up feels like The Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya. My legs ached after an adventure in goa si Oyot, but it’s like a pleasure. No pain, no gain, right?

Instead having breakfast in hotel, I decided to find local food. I ate a chicken porridge in Malioboro street. It taste so delicious. You know what a chicken porridge and a hot tea cost IDR 7.000.

Wahyu and I decided to go city tour for day three or our last day. We visited Taman Sari and Kraton Yogyakarta or Royal Palace in Jogja. We used a becak to take us there. It’s a convenience vehicle when you visit Jogja.

Taman Sari

I found good article from about Taman Sari and Kraton, here it is.

Formerly Tamansari was a recreation garden or a resting house for the Sultan and Family. The other resting houses including Warungboto, Manukberi, Ambarbingun, and Ambarrukmo functioned for the vacation and meditation for the royal family. The other function is used as hiding place for royal family to defend against the enemy assault.

Tamansari is located about 2 km south of Yogyakarta Palace. Built by Portuguese architect in European aquatic construction adorned with Javanese Symbolize ornaments. Tamansari was built in the Sultan Hamengku Buwono I period in the end of XVII Century. Tamansari not only just a recreation, but it's also a compound of bathing pool, canals, rooms and extremerly large swimming pool (if the canals opened).

Tamansari is an interesting place to visit. Besides the location is very closed to the Sultan palace.

Taman Sari was beautiful place, I wish I could see all the women swimming in the pool like Sultan did. I guess it only in my dream like The Corrs said. :) We continued our city tour to Kraton or Yogyakarta Palace.

Kraton or the Palace where Sultan and his family of Yogyakarta live is located in the center of the axis stretching from the north to the south, and in the secondary axis from the east to the west. It is encircled by row of the mountains called the Horizon as the border of the universe.

Keraton Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat or now better known by the name of Yogyakarta Palace is the center of Javanese culture living museum that is in the Special Region Yogykarta (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta). Not just becomes the place to live for the king and his family, the palace is also a main direction of cultural development of Java, as well as the flame guard of the culture. At this place tourists can learn and see directly on how the Javanese culture continues to live and be preserved.

A traditional javanese dance, Tari Merak

 Jogja offers a great package for tourists and travelers, from shopping, culinary, city tour, beach gateway, cultural gateway, adventure trip to a beautiful night view. If you visit Indonesia, It would be great if you could visit Jogja.

Spend for 3 days 2 nights in Jogja:

Rent Car : IDR 250.000/day

Hotel: IDR 100.000/day (no ac just a fan)

Ullen Sentalu ticket: IDR 25.000

Caving in Goa Pindul: IDR 25.000

An extreme adventure Si Oyot Cave: IDR 25.000

Becak IDR 20.000 (round trip from Malioboro to Taman Sari and Kraton)

Taman Sari Ticket IDR 3.000

Kraton ticket IDR 6.000

Bakpia 99 IDR 18.000/box


  1. halo rama.
    jadi kalau ke jogja kenapa ga ke pantai atau ke kotagede sekalian?

    blogwalking from jogjakarta:)

  2. Pengen banget main ke Pantai Krakal, Pantai Drini tetapi belom pernah kesampaian. Januari dan Desember 2011 pergi ke sana, gagal terus ke pantai. Padahal super pengen pergi ke pantai.


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