Another Style to Enjoy Bali - Part I: Unspoiled Bali Beach

Blue Point Beach

In brief:

Blue point is one of the famous surfing point in south Bali, an attractive with steep cliffs and beaches tucked among the rocks, but it seems like the best part of this place has become a resort. Don't worry we can still  enjoy the beautiful view, tide, and sand. This place is not busy as Kuta and the surrounding areas. We must walk down the stairs to reach the beach.

Activity: Surfing, swimming, beaching, hang out.

Eat: restaurant, bar, and lounge.

How to get there: Jalan Pantai Suluban (Jalan Labuan Sait Pecatu), Ungasan, Bali.

The trip to the Blue Point Beach from Kuta direction quite easily. By using a car or motorcycle, we can travel within 30 minutes. The beach is in line with the complex dreamland in Uluwatu area, from dreamland go straight until we find to instruction board to LABUHAN  SAIT, following the instruction board, we will find junction, turn right. Go straight until reach LABUHAN SAIT (Padang-Padang Beach) and the bridge, follow main road, more less of 5 km until find another T-junction and the Blue Point Spa and Resort billboard then straight to the damaged road. Go straight until you find the car park and hotel, that's the Blue Point Beach


Perjalanan menuju Blue Point Beach dari arah kuta cukup mudah. Dengan menggunakan transportasi mobil or motor dapat ditempuh dalam waktu 30 menit (asumsi kondisi lancar jaya). Pantai ini sejalan dengan komplek dreamland di kawasan Uluwatu, dari dreamland masih terus saja sampai ketemu petunjuk jalan yang mengarah ke LABUHAN SAIT, setelah ketemu petunjuk tersebut ada pertigaan, langsung aja belok kanan. Lurus terus sampai ketemu LABUHAN SAIT (Padang-Padang Beach) & jembatan, masih ikuti saja jalan besarnya sekitar 5 Km lagi sampai ketemu pertigaan & billboard Blue Point spa & resort lurus aja ke jalan yg rusak, memang jalan masuknya kurang bersahabat. Lurus saja mengikuti jalan tersebut sampai ketemu parkiran mobil & hotelnya, nah itu dia Blue Point Beach. Itu baru parkirannya saja, untuk menuju pantainya kita harus menuruni tangga sampai ketemu celah karang (gerbang masuk ke pantai) sampailah kita di Blue Point Beach.
One of cafe at Blue Point Beach

Abang and the crowd
Blue Point cliffs
The Real Padang-Padang Beach

The Real Padang-Padang
In brief

The Real Padang Padang Beach is unspoiled beach which located in Pecatu village,10 minutes  from Blue Point Beach.
The Real Padang-Padang beach is unique because it lies far below the hill just below the villages. I am falling in love at the first time with this beach. We enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches. I saw only five of us spend afternoon at the beach. I love being away from crowd.

Activity: Swimming, laying down, sun bathing, hang out.

Eat: There's only one cafe in front the beach, unfortunately we didn't experience food there. Bring waters and snack in case cafe is closed.

How To Get There:

From Blue Point Beach exit, go straight, until you find Thomas Padang Padang Beach, go left, and follow the road, you will find some houses. Park your motor cycle or car there, and walk down the stairs, cardio time guys, i love it!

white sand, blue ocean
Heaven on earth
Beautiful view

The Sign

I guess after you read my blog, you have a question. Whats the different The Real Padang-Padang and Padang-Padang Beach?

Padang-Padang Beach Labuan Sait

Padang-Padang Beach is one of the famous beach which appears in Eat, Pray and Love. It is located in Pecatu village,10 minutes from GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park).

After i finished swimming and tanning at The Real Padang-Padang Beach, i went to Padang-Padang Beach. We can see Padang-Padang Beach from bridge in main road. I love the real padang-padang more. More quite, and beautiful.
View from the bridge

Tatha and Sari at the bridge

Green Bowl Beach or Hidden Beach

In brief

People call it the Green Bowl Beach, Bali Cliff Beach, and Hidden Beach. The first is called the Green Bowl or the bowls green because every low tide it will form a bowl of rocks which are green when you look from the top of the hill. They also call as Green Bowl Beach, because there used to be a company named PT. Green Bowl which will build a resort near this beach. While the Bali Cliff Beach comes from the name of a hotel that is Bali Cliff is right on the cliff. While the third name is Hidden Beach, because this beach is hidden behind the high cliffs and the peninsula hills. Out of the three names, the most popular is the Green Bowl Beach, especially among foreign tourists and surfers. A beautiful-sounding names and more commercial for the Balinese people.

There is also a small cave inhabited by hundreds of bats. In the daytime, bats sleep hanging on the roof of the cave. In the evening, flying out of the cave to find food. As if already accustomed to the presence of the visitors, they remain comfortably asleep in a cave.

a small cave

The beach was hidden behind the cliffs, making this beach is always clean and free of pollution. Very quiet unlike most other beaches in Bali. The beach also fit if you want to practice yoga or meditation in a peaceful atmosphere. I saw some couples spend afternoon together there, oh so cute.

Activity: Surfing, swimming, laying down, sun bathing, hang out.

Eat:There's no restaurant on the beach. Only one warung in parking lot before we're going down the stairs. Bring waters and food is necessary because it takes your energy to get back to parking lot.

How To Get There:
Same direction to Blue Point and Dreamland. Follow main road to Uluwatu from  Jimbaran until we will find intersection before the dreamland complex , turn left, go straight and follow main road until we will find Bali Cliff. You will find a Temple and parking lot, park your car or motorcycle. We have to descend hundreds of  quite steep stairs to reach the beach.

The Tide is high

More picture of Green Bowl are coming soon....


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