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Gili Air, The Hidden Paraiso

Before you read my writing about Gili Air, It'd be great if you open YouTube and search We found Love by Rihanna. I wanna you guys feel the summer heat like I did. Are you ready to click play button on YouTube?

"Thomas Edison's last words were "It's beautiful over there'. I don't know where there is, but i believe it's somewhere, and i hope it's beautiful."
The wheels of plane made a smooth landing at Bandar Udara International Lombok/Praya International Airport, Lombok at noon. I felt happy because this was my second time to explore Lombok. For your information, I did solo traveling this time. 

My route of the day was Praya-Senggigi-Bangsal-Gili Air. An airport bus or DAMRI took me from airport to Senggigi, it's approximately one hour, cost IDR 25.000, very convenience and affordable, I can say. After I arrived in Senggigi, then I ride a taxi to Bangsal. You will see beautiful view of Lombok inside taxi. I kept starring mountains and sea…