Night Out in Singapore

History? Fashion? Are you kidding? If fashion is one of your passion, I bet you will love it. One minute after I entered this room, this room wowed me. I felt like I did time travel to the past. I saw Singaporean women dresses era to era. The good things, there was video and story every era. Look what I’ve found.

One hour earlier..

We arrived in Singapore at 8.30 pm and our flight to Jakarta at 5 am. Tatha and I discussed whether we stay at the Changi or we go? I said to her " Why Not?" because we still have time. Tatha and I has no Singaporean dollar until Aunt Deby gave us dollars each. Aunt Deby and Uncle Cliff also gave us ride to their hotel, Hotel Innotel in Penang Lane, Singapore. We dropped our luggage in their room then asked receptionist to show the way from hotel to Clark Quay. We’re cashless so we decided to explore Singapore by walking. I don’t know whether make wrong turns or the receptionist gave wrong direction, we ended up in Singapore National Museum. Art and culture spill on the streets at Night Festival. A beautiful night lights showcase in front of museum. It was fun night. Enjoy the rest of photos here. :)



P.S Thanks to Aunt Deby and Uncle Cliff. You guys are awesome!


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