The Pleasures of Thailand

“Like I said before travel it gets inside of you, it touches your soul. The more I saw the world, the more I realize how little I knew, the more I want to experience in life. The trip has been special. I share all those moments with good friend and the most important he shares them with me.” Charlie – Last Stop for Paul.

The Trip - Air Asia flew us from Jakarta and Surabaya to Dong Mueng, Thailand. Since we arrive at evening, there is no flight to Suratthani. We decided to take night train from Bangkok (Hua Lampong)  to Suratthani.  Night train provide  us a blanket - just in case passenger forget to bring jacket or sweater; drink and cakes also  in the evening and morning. It takes nine and half hours from Hua Lampong to Suratthani. Lomprayah (ferry) counter is near Suratthani train station. Lomprayah provide a bus to transfer from city to Don Sak pier where our ferry is. Ferry has comfortable seat, and air conditioner inside the dock.  good service and helpful staff.  Book your train and ferry tickets online, your trip will be more easier.

Tiga roda at Taurus Coffee Bar, Dong Mueng Airport
A long taxi queue outside Dong Mueng
Pretty face beside a train at Hua Lampong Station
Rise and shine
Last stop, Suratthani train station
There's a lot of public transportation choices in Koh Phangan. A taxi counter only few minutes walking distance from the pier. Taxi will take you to your hotel door. It cost 200 Bath each from pier to our hotel in Salad Beach Resort.
a view from Lomprayah window
an open air taxi in Koh Phangan

Salad Beach Resort - Resort is located in Haad Salad, north west Koh Phangan. A cozy resort offers deluxe bungalows and comfy rooms with beach front view, and garden view. Lucky us, we stay in beach front view, a beautiful and peaceful beach. Swimming pool is also available for you and your kids. A few people are reading a book as they relax beside the pool. A great waterfront and beach dining for resort guest. Their thai food is awesome. I bet you will love to try pad thai, tom yum seafood, chicken with coconut milk for lunch. It's delicious. Ice thai tea would be perfect companion. Free Wi-Fi access is great combo, we don’t need to pay our internet service. The most important thing is the nice helpful staff. We met Aom and her friend who help us arrange our city tour and Koh Samui transfer.
Welcome to our resort!

our beachfront
either beach or here, it's up to you
where we sleep
what we eat
where we breakfast

Every morning we meet dog. He seems own Salad Beach Resort territory. He will fight with others if they come to his territory. He always comes to our table. Tatha loves to feed him with her bread.
Hi guys!
beautiful morning with birdie
 Full Moon Party - Koh Phangan hosts Full Moon Party every month in Haad Rin. Pick your date and have some fun. Bring your friends down to the beach, enjoy every sound of music. I did enjoy my night on Full Moon Party. I didn’t write it on my previous story, what  happened after rain drops. I remember I danced with thai girl when Danza Kuduro by Don Omar was playing, then she asked my name, but I didn't say my own name to her. It’s a party, ID only for security, right?  then she introduced me to her guy friend, and he smiled at me. I think i need to wear my tank again. Haha. 30 minutes before i leave Full Moon Party, a drunk girl pulled my  hotel ID, and she read, “A guy from Salad Beach Resort, right? Let’s dance, dude!”  I say “Why not?” I did flirt to her friend,  a cute one, we dance for couple minutes before I decide to go back to hotel. Too bad. No name, just a memory.

where we dance

Beaches - Let's go to the beach, each. Malibu beach is a pretty little white sandy beach near Haad Salad. Unique trees grow near the beach, it’s beautiful. Sunbathing on the beach while seeing beautiful hill and cloud on right side, it would be an easy day. Tatha and i did some photo shoots on the beach. If you wanna take your pre-wedding shoot, Koh Phangan has beautiful places.
Visit Malibu Beach 2013! :)
Phangan Home Made Ice Cream - Holiday is not perfect without local culinary. We had a chance to taste homemade ice cream. Both of us ordered two scoops of coconut ice cream in a coconut and even drink the coconut milk afterwards, perfecto! It was so good. The prices are 110 baht for 2 scopes in a coconut, but definitely worth it!
do you want some?
Elephant trekking - After playing on the beach, we are visiting the Phaeng Noi Waterfall at the centre of Koh Phangan. Unfortunately, there is no water coming down from waterfall. It would be beautiful if there's water on it.
Before the entrance to the waterfall, there is action adventure place. One of their packages is elephant trekking. There was a funny incident, before Tatha ride an elephant. We were asked to touch the elephant, a female elephant, then she will massage our foot. When i touch her head, suddenly her trunk touch my "thing". I guess she knows where little trunk is.

her first time - elephant massage
Anyway, Tatha looks like a Thai princess by riding an elephant. I asked her to share her experience for you. here it is: This was a great experience. I always wanted to go elephant trekking. Although at first I doubted it, but then I gave a go because I saw the elephants seemed nice and not wild, haha of course! The trek however was not so very interesting; scenery was typical Thai village, green and all that, nothing awed me much but we went through the little forest so it was okay. Through the way, the guide actually asked me if I want to sit on the elephant's head/ears for an even more exciting ride, but I was all like, mmm no thanks, the thought of falling off from five meters height scared me a lot, haha. After I finished the ride (I went by myself FYI since Rama & Abang were not so very interested, hihi) we, yes it's a we the non-rider can do this as well, were able to feed the elephants bananas for free. Overall, a fun trip it was!

Note that this was before I read this article: so I am not sure to recommend elephant trekking to you, but regardless, be wise!

Koh Ma - A small island located on the North Western corner of Koh Phangan. The beach has a sandy bar that you can walk across to reach Koh Ma.  It is a popular place for snorkeling and sunbathing. We did snorkeling about one hour in Koh Ma. If you stay a week in Koh Phangan, you must take trip to Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan. I heard the best spot for diving and snorkeling around the island. We didn't get change to go Koh Nangyuan, maybe next time.

Koh Samui - It is Thailand's second largest island after Phuket. We spent one night in Koh Samui. We stayed at AI’s Resort Samui. Lomprayah transfered us from Koh Phangan to Koh Samui. Book your ferry before full moon party because people will leave Koh Phangan immediately after full moon party. In my opinion, Lomprayah provide great service for passengers. They provide taxi service from pier to your hotel in Koh Samui. I recommend you guys to book Lomprayah.
See you again Koh Phangan!
Chaweng - Once our taxi entered Chaweng street, it’s reminds me of Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. Chaweng is the busiest and biggest town in Koh Samui. Chaweng has similarity with Kuta, I found clothing store, restaurant, spa & massage, hotel, money changer, tour & travel lining Chaweng street. People also riding scooter, and motorcycle on the street. Thai people said same same but different. Don’t ask about nightlife, Koh samui nightlife has something to offer everyone. Bar, club, cabaret, or beach club are available in every corner Chaweng street.
can you find my face?

Shopping spree - Take vacation to Koh Samui, Thailand and spend all your cash to go shopping around the street. Buy all you want with reasonable price. Clothing stores has various size, color, and shape. Bargain, Bargain, bargain! if you go to traditional store. I promise to myself I don’t want to spend my bath for shopping, but I failed. I got a tank and handy craft from local shop. Abang bought t-shirts for his family and friend, and Tatha also bought tank top.

great portrait, caught in Tatha's eyes
Chaweng Beach - Chaweng beach is the largest and most popular of Samui’s beaches. It has white sand and waves. Many young travelers or families enjoy their time in Chaweng beach. You could go jet sky or just swimming with your friends on the beach. I had really good time with my buds. It's fun!

Thai Massage -  Relaxing massage after long day at Chaweng, it would be great idea. Plenty of choices to do massage in Chaweng. We took one hour full body Thai massage in D's Spa. The therapist uses her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move us into a series of yoga-like stretches. It was my first experience doing Thai massage. I don't mind to do it again. It was good.

Cabaret Show - Moulin Rouge Cabaret, one of popular cabaret show is near to our hotel, so we decide to experience one show after Thai massage. We met Lisa near Burger King. I guess Lisa is a public relation. Her job is escort cabaret guess to enter the bar. Lisa looking is smokin’ hot. Girl, better you start work out! Some ladyboy performer channel the inner diva at the stage. They are so confidence and energetic. I enjoyed their performance, and I kept my eyes open all the time. lol
new friend, her name is Lisa
It's spectacular performance.
Ark Bar Beach Club - Cabaret checked. It's time to enjoy the rest of the night. We explored chaweng street to find the dopest bar in town. I didn’t see any crowd at the bar. I think if it's before midnight, it's too early to go there. We met a boy on the street. He sells garland. He came to Tatha and he offers her to buy his garland. He’s about eight years old and he speak very good English. Tatha bought one of his garland, then he kissed Tatha on her cheek. Oh, sweet!

somewhere in Chaweng street

Ark Bar Beach Club was our last stop of the day. Tourists enjoy an evening by sitting at beach club. DJ plays his favorite song, I can feel the vibe. We begin to enjoy at atmosphere. Before we order our drink, i saw some people fly the sky lantern. I want one since that night was full moon. Finally, i flew the sky lantern. 

Tatha requested few songs to DJ. After two or three songs, i heard Feel So Close by Calvin Harris, one of her request song. We get up and sing "And there's no stopping us right now, I feel so close to you right now." Feel so close is like anthem of the night. We jump up, we dance, we go crazy on the beach. DJ's got us going around, 'round. Thank you Dj. Fire dancers also performing to entertain beach club visitors. It was awesome performance.
night to remember
and there's no stopping us right now
He knows I'm an Arian.
Thailand is one favorite destination in South East Asia. I enjoy every single hour there. My first trip to Thailand, It was end of February 2011. I visited few places like Bangkok, Ayutthaya, and Hua Hin. My second time was amazing trip, i called it Thailand's the best island escapes. I share my journey with good friends. We share, we discuss, we laugh, we dance, and we swim. I feel it when Charlie says his feeling in the end of Last Stop for Paul. If you come to Thailand, you will have a great vacation no matter what you do in Thailand. Let's get out and explore! and Happy vacation!

"If you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough." Anonymous


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