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Togean Islands, The Next Big Thing on Indonesian traveling market

The Togean Islands are an archipelago of 56 islands and islets, in the Gulf of Tomini, off the coast of Central Sulawesi, in Indonesia. I never thought I'm gonna falling in love with this islands. Togean spoils me too much. When you visit this beautiful destination, you can not resist the beauty under the water, beautiful beaches, and local hospitality. I think Togean Islands is The Next Big Thing on Indonesian traveling market.

I met a lot of traveler across the globe in Togean, from Holland, Austria, France, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Don't be afraid to talk to new people, you'll never know story you might hear. It's a great opportunity to learn from different culture.

Togean is one of my favorite destination now. I am lucky to have my diving buddy to travel with, and spend one week happiness in paradise. I look traveling as investment in life, great opportunity to learn from different cultures, more knowledge, new experience in this amazing world. …

Escapes to Flores

Finally, i arrived in Kanawa Island, one destination that i dream since last two year.  I stay for seven days in Kanawa Island Resort. I never traveled less than five days, but seven days back to island life, i'm looking forward to this adventure. I stayed in bungalow for two nights and bale for five days, i could find beach in front of my room, snorkeling near jetty, and diving around the island.

The reason i travel to Kanawa is i want to get my diving license as self birthday present. Hard to believe, I've met the best diving instructor in my life. Her name is Justine Singleton aka ajust, or nona bean. She taught me not only diving skill but also persistence. I feel so secure when i was under the sea with her. I pray i could meet her again and dive together somewhere in Indonesia.

 My diving experience was so awesome with her and the crew. Kanawa Island Diving has the dopest crew ever. Cello and Thono made me laugh all the time, Alex, Louie, Rüdi, Dhollyn are the coolest…