Escapes to Flores

Finally, i arrived in Kanawa Island, one destination that i dream since last two year.  I stay for seven days in Kanawa Island Resort. I never traveled less than five days, but seven days back to island life, i'm looking forward to this adventure. I stayed in bungalow for two nights and bale for five days, i could find beach in front of my room, snorkeling near jetty, and diving around the island.

The reason i travel to Kanawa is i want to get my diving license as self birthday present. Hard to believe, I've met the best diving instructor in my life. Her name is Justine Singleton aka ajust, or nona bean. She taught me not only diving skill but also persistence. I feel so secure when i was under the sea with her. I pray i could meet her again and dive together somewhere in Indonesia.

 My diving experience was so awesome with her and the crew. Kanawa Island Diving has the dopest crew ever. Cello and Thono made me laugh all the time, Alex, Louie, Rüdi, Dhollyn are the coolest dive master on the island.

Back to island life, it's a simple life, no fancy bath room, limited electricity, no internet. I don't mind to live this way but i'm so surprise when someone come to island and complain there's no internet, and too dark when you're sleeping at the night. Come on! You come to an island not a luxury five stars hotel, so embrace it and live it up. They say life is short so try to enjoy every moment and travel as much as possible.

The best thing live in Kanawa are live above beautiful creature and coral, surround breathtaking view, and sleep underneath the stars.

 As you know i always travel with my friend but this time i travel alone come to Kanawa. I admit i never make a friend when i travel but on this trip i've met strangers then become friend: Angie - Kanawa Island Resort Manager, Anna -Anggi's friend, Heru - The Famous Chef, he mentioned in Gwyneth Paltrow's blog, Michel and Aleia, Sebastian and Christina, Mark and his girlfriend, The Ende blogger crew: Tuteh, Ilham, Sony, Poppy, and Elison, The Ladies Group: Sisil, Dhani, Destia, Endah, Debby, Seri, Nita, The Bros: Oki, Bogel, The SOPI crew: Rio, Thiara, Yogi, Sarah, Evert, Mia, and Amalla Vesta, she's an Indonesian fabulous - can i say that?  - travel consultant and host of @liburanlokal and @swankytraveler account. You can call me a lucky bastard.

 Flores store my heart. It gets inside of me, it touches my soul. This trip has been special to me. I promise i will come back one day. Meanwhile, enjoy my two minutes video about my escapes to Flores.


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