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Should i travel to a new country or explore my own country?

An interesting question for us to answer, should I travel to a new country or explore my own country? Traveling to another country is easy nowadays because the airlines offer affordable price to travel from one country to another. People often call it backpacking, a form of  low-cost, or independent travel. They say Go See The World! an inspirational quote that encourage people to go abroad. Asia is an alternative to backpacking because it offers a low cost of living, a new culture will be more interesting and challenge you more, an exotic beach that hidden in every country, and unique food that tempts our tongues. Unlike the rich or high society, they travel abroad because other countries offer shopping paradise, to stay in luxury hotel, to watch concert their favorite band, to party like a rock star, to donate money for charities and to get the nose done. Everyone has a reason to travel abroad.
The next question is how well you know your country? A questions might bothers you becau…

Don’t come as a tourist when you’re in Bali! 

Don’t come as a tourist when you’re in Bali! That’s rule #1 you must to think about. I often see feed or instastories of friends or strangers who visit mainstream tourist attractions  while in Bali. Come on! Research! RESEARCH! Research! A proper research and planning will make your holiday different because Bali offers seething culture, delicious food, and exhilarating adventures, but the hardest part of planning a trip is research, planning, and executing your itinerary. Itinerary planning process requires more effort, time, and concentration to ensure your travel plans as you want it.
Where do i start research?
Instagram. Use hashtag for example #bali to discover places you never knew existed. You will be surprised. Follow the most popular travel account or influencers, they cover a grand opening of new place, guide you to exotic places, give reference you nice restaurant, and endorse you to best spa in the island. Follow me on instagram @ramakristian to see Bali from different an…

Up in The Air

Be careful the muse you choose for you will become like them. Since Up In The Air was released nine years ago, Ryan Bingham is a character who inspires people to be frequent flyer who fly domestic or international. A frequent flyer, Ryan has no fixed abode, relishes his travels, and desires to become the seventh and youngest person to earn ten million frequent flyer miles with American Airlines. Big fantasy for everyone, right?

What about me? My name is Rama Kristian. I train and develop people across East Indonesia for living. Traveling is part of the job. Can you guess? How many flights are done in past two years? More than hundred. Flying is for everyone these day, but hundred flights for past two years, welcome to miles high club. Like Ryan, I fly with the national airline of  Indonesia as a business traveler. After you take off, a video was shown to you about all its exclusive privileges being a member. I experience what you see in the video. From priority check-in, boarding, an…


How do you feel when your flight got canceled and have to stranded couple days? I received text from airline that my flight back is cancelled due to volcano eruption. It's like two side of coin, it can be a good news or bad news. It's a matter how we perceived it. I know it will ruin your itinerary if you have connecting flight on the same day. It's a disaster. In my case, the eruption of Mount Sangiang in Sumbawa made the Komodo airport closed down. No fly in or out due to the volcanic ash. Well, I don't mind to stay another day in Labuan Bajo, located near the world-famous Komodo Island because we're stranded in a beautiful place with great hotels & restaurants. There are worse place than Labuan Bajo. Since nothing we can do to leave the island, Let's enjoy every moment while we can. Here's my tips to spend your time while stranded. 1. Body massage It feels good when someone massaging our body after long vacation. One or two hour body massage to help…

The worst mistake you've made when you flying

Hi travel pro! I am so sorry to ignore my travel blog because i travel a lot for work and i am not able to write you a new post. But, i am here today and cooking up something for you. I need a favor, i'm collecting stories from you, please share what's your mistake when you travel by airplane? You can write me back to, message me on Instagram to @ramakristian, or comment bellow. I travel every week by plane and i observed people are tend to make mistake before, during, and post flight. Let's collect stories and make no mistakes!