How do you feel when your flight got canceled and have to stranded couple days? I received text from airline that my flight back is cancelled due to volcano eruption. It's like two side of coin, it can be a good news or bad news. It's a matter how we perceived it. I know it will ruin your itinerary if you have connecting flight on the same day. It's a disaster.
In my case, the eruption of Mount Sangiang in Sumbawa made the Komodo airport closed down. No fly in or out due to the volcanic ash. Well, I don't mind to stay another day in Labuan Bajo, located near the world-famous Komodo Island because we're stranded in a beautiful place with great hotels & restaurants. There are worse place than Labuan Bajo. Since nothing we can do to leave the island, Let's enjoy every moment while we can. Here's my tips to spend your time while stranded.
1. Body massage
It feels good when someone massaging our body after long vacation. One or two hour body massage to help kick start the relaxation process, lowered stress, and improved mood. Call your hotel or find local therapist to get pure relaxation body massage.
2. Swimming
Book a hotel with a swimming pool, you can spend your day by enjoying sunset while having beers on the edge of the pool or just swim. It will help you relax and make you calm. If you travel with kids, i bet they will enjoy your stay in the hotel because they have fun activities on swimming pool.
3. Shopping
Shopping is a proven therapy to improve your mood. Local market offering so many things to shop. You will find cute gifts for someone back home or a handy craft to display at your house. I bet you will lost track of time by strolling local market. It's fun! Don't forget to bargain to get lower price!
4. Reading a book in coffee shop
Grab your book or kindle and find local coffee shop. It's always nice to sip a cup of java while Reading. Nothing beats the smell of roasted coffee, and reading a good book. It must be a good time while stranded. You can do it also at your room if you can't find coffee shop.
5. Sightseeing
It can be a good news to travel addict person when we read cancelation text from airline because we still have more time to explore the island. You can either use your gadget to find tourism destination or simply asking local people to show you the best place to go. One of advantage when you're stranded on beautiful island is taking photos on a cave or beach and uploading on instagram, it makes you feel happier.
6. Eat and eat
Tasting Local foods is a great adventure. You don't even know the taste before you try it. Dare yourself to eat local foods. It can be good experience. Some travel sites help us to find place to eat with recommendation, it makes more easier to decide where to go.
7. Hang out with local
Talking to local will help you feel better. They can share their daily activities, culture, maybe family. We can meet local fisherman, or we can join them watching Formula 1 near the beach.
8. Enjoy free wi-fi
Internet connects you to the world. Hotels or restaurants provide free wi-fi, grab your gadget to Skype with your family back home, posting photo on Instagram, updating status on twitter or facebook, or checking airline website for your next trip. Boring at your hotel room? I guess not.
9. Go crazy
Do silly things with your friends by making spontaneous video. Capture your good times with your friends because memories never fade. It's gonna be fun times even you're stranded. Remember, don't go too far or someone gonna call the police.
10. Watching TV
Sometimes you don't want to go anywhere because you're too tired, just turn on your TV and do nothing. A cup of tea would be perfect companion. It's a free entertainment to make you laugh, smile, even angry.
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