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Don’t come as a tourist when you’re in Bali! 

Don’t come as a tourist when you’re in Bali! That’s rule #1 you must to think about. I often see feed or instastories of friends or strangers who visit mainstream tourist attractions  while in Bali. Come on! Research! RESEARCH! Research! A proper research and planning will make your holiday different because Bali offers seething culture, delicious food, and exhilarating adventures, but the hardest part of planning a trip is research, planning, and executing your itinerary. Itinerary planning process requires more effort, time, and concentration to ensure your travel plans as you want it.
Where do i start research?
Instagram. Use hashtag for example #bali to discover places you never knew existed. You will be surprised. Follow the most popular travel account or influencers, they cover a grand opening of new place, guide you to exotic places, give reference you nice restaurant, and endorse you to best spa in the island. Follow me on instagram @ramakristian to see Bali from different an…