Don’t come as a tourist when you’re in Bali! 

Don’t come as a tourist when you’re in Bali! That’s rule #1 you must to think about. I often see feed or instastories of friends or strangers who visit mainstream tourist attractions  while in Bali. Come on! Research! RESEARCH! Research! A proper research and planning will make your holiday different because Bali offers seething culture, delicious food, and exhilarating adventures, but the hardest part of planning a trip is research, planning, and executing your itinerary. Itinerary planning process requires more effort, time, and concentration to ensure your travel plans as you want it.

Where do i start research?

Instagram. Use hashtag for example #bali to discover places you never knew existed. You will be surprised. Follow the most popular travel account or influencers, they cover a grand opening of new place, guide you to exotic places, give reference you nice restaurant, and endorse you to best spa in the island. Follow me on instagram @ramakristian to see Bali from different angle.

Twitter. News has always traveled fast, but since the dawn of social media, it travels faster than ever. social media is helping news spread globally at a rapid pace. Use Bali as a keyword or hashtag bali  to find popular people, latest news, photo, or video about Bali.

Ask insider. Don’t under estimate an insider knowledge! They know places they where others do not know like hidden beaches, and a hideout venue that created as a place for relax and huddle. Don’t assume you or your friend know everything! Ask! Ask! Ask! Be nice to an insider!

In short, i hopes you can enjoy Bali as a local, to open your mind about the extent of Bali and of course to get a different experience while you’re in Bali. Enjoy Bali!


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