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Should i travel to a new country or explore my own country?

An interesting question for us to answer, should I travel to a new country or explore my own country? Traveling to another country is easy nowadays because the airlines offer affordable price to travel from one country to another. People often call it backpacking, a form of  low-cost, or independent travel. They say Go See The World! an inspirational quote that encourage people to go abroad. Asia is an alternative to backpacking because it offers a low cost of living, a new culture will be more interesting and challenge you more, an exotic beach that hidden in every country, and unique food that tempts our tongues. Unlike the rich or high society, they travel abroad because other countries offer shopping paradise, to stay in luxury hotel, to watch concert their favorite band, to party like a rock star, to donate money for charities and to get the nose done. Everyone has a reason to travel abroad.
The next question is how well you know your country? A questions might bothers you becau…