10 tips before trekking to Padar Island with family

Padar Island is the third largest island in the Komodo National Park It’s located in the south of the park, between Komodo and Rinca island. It’s magical view from the top of Padar. Here’s 10 tips I recommend before you do trekking to Padar Island with family:
  1. Daily cardio exercise at least half an hour every day. You need to trek to reach the top of Padar, so prepare your stamina. The hike will take about 30 to 40 minutes from the jetty to the top of Padar. 
  2. Do not wear slippery sandals or shoes. You’re going to trek and you don’t want to put yourself in danger just because you fell off.
  3. Bring your hat. If you’re going to trek after sunrise, better you wear a hat in order to protect your face. You don’t want your face to get burn after a nice hike. But, if you’re going to trek before sunrise, bring your light jacket to make you warm during trip from hotel to Padar island. 
  4. Bring water bottle. During trekking, a water bottle might save you from exhaustion. 
  5. Use Light bag. Since you’re gonna trekking, left your heavy bag at the boat. Wear light bag to carry water and money will reduce weight in your body.
  6. Bring Cash. You need to pay entrance fee and personal expense during one day tour. 
  7. Bring Camera. Take a cute picture with your love one, or take a selfie on top of Padar but you must be careful. Good camera phone is enough, make sure your memory card isn’t full.
  8. Bring Drone. If you need to capture beautiful landscape from wider angle, take your drone during trekking to Padar.
  9. Breakfast. You know better than others. I need to eat breakfast before i start my morning activities, it’ll give me more strength, and make me less cranky during the day.  
  10. Follow your tour guide. You need to listen to them if you have one. They know better than you.

Some questions will pop up in your mind if you’re going with family. Is it possible to bring children? Is it safe? As a parent, sometimes you concern about children safety during outdoor activities. Let me answer to your questions! First, it’s possible to bring children, and second, it’s very safe. I saw three years old boy reached the top of Padar by walking and his parent were cheering him up and said you can do it son! Not all children would make it to the top because they can get tired easily but if you think they can, they can. 

As responsible traveler, i need to remind myself and fellow traveler to take your trash with you. Help keep the tourism attraction clean, your help make environment cleaner and greener.

Stay safe and stay at home! 


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