Deep as the ocean i dive in to you, Flores

Life’s like box of chocolate, we never know what you’re gonna get. That was my feeling towards 2020. I joined Haryadi family trip to Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur last January right before COVID-19 outbreak. I'm kinda happy that i decided to go because i don’t think i can travel so much this year due to safety issue. Let's pray COVID-19 gone for good and we can travel to visit our family and see the world again!

Since I moved to Bali, I travel at least once a year with my diving buddy, her name is Silvana for a diving trip but an invitation came to my inbox earlier this year, and i couldn't say no. I said yes, immediately. Coming back for second time to Flores, it would be a great idea. It turned out it’s nice family trip that you could do with your parents or family.

Family trip is a good idea to escape daily routines in the big city and introduce our children the beauty of nature. Nature is the best playground for them. Play and learn with nature. Try new things for example swimming into ocean, making a sand castle, and riding bicycle around island, rather than starring a gadget. It makes them more adventurous, brave, and having fun. Generation post millennial should embrace what life has to offer by experiencing  activity outdoor.

Flores is one of my favorite places in Indonesia because the landscape is remarkably beautiful. My first time to Flores was four years ago. I stayed on Kanawa island for one week for open water course. Feels like yesterday. I am a rescue diver now. Read my previous Flores post here:

Once i arrive in Komodo International Airport, a shuttle transferred me to hotel. I was stunned, it’s totally different than last time I was here. Flores is becoming more modern with new urban planning surround exquisite landscape. I see the brand-new spanking five stars resorts, pharmacy such as Kimia Farma, and mini mart such as Alfamart, Starbucks, and Siloam Hospitals. Back then, i shopped groceries in traditional store near fish market in Labuan Bajo. 

Plataran Komodo

A phenomenal resort is located in a quiet cove on Waecicu Beach on the island of Flores. A perfect resort for family trip and kids friendly. I could spend your whole vacation at this resort. The atmosphere is so homey and array of free activities to take part in, for example kayaking, bike riding, yoga early in the morning on the sundeck at the end of the pier, and snorkeling. 

If you want to stay fit and healthy during holiday, no need to worry. There's a gym by the beach, and good equipment to be used. Tea time was just before sunset and the best thing is Plataran has the best spot in the island to watch sunsets. The service is outstanding, i admire how they train the front liner to kitchen staff.  The staff truly make this place feel like the home of your dreams. I wish i never checked out that day, and stay forever.


Air Asia QZ 644 Bali to Labuan Bajo
Air Asia QZ 647 Labuan Bajo to Bali



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